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John S.Finally, we have quality, hassle-free air analysis right here in the Midwest.
  • State-of-the-Science Equipment

    ENVISIONAIR is your specialty Vapor Intrusion air laboratory. We specialize in TO15 analysis for volatile organic compounds in sub-slab, indoor air, and soil gas environments. We provide all the sample collection equipment and laboratory analysis services that you need to help you perform VI assessments. Our Silonite coated canisters exhibit absorption and desorption qualities superior... Read More

  • ASTM Standard for Vapor Intrusion Screening

    The environmental consulting industry is abuzz with the new and more prescriptive ASTM standard for the screening of Vapor Intrusion (VI) encroachment, which is required during the Phase I ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) process. This “game-changing” development brings about anticipation of an increase in the amount of sampling and analysis of soil gas, sub-slab vapor... Read More

  • EnvisionAir Drastically Increases Air Testing Capabilities

    As a result of our dedication to continuous process improvement and investment in the best equipment available, EnvisonAir is proud to announce a drastic increase in our air testing capacity.  EnvisionAir has added an Entech Instruments 7016 Canister Autosampler to our analytical process that now enables us to fully analyze 35 of your investigative air... Read More

ENVISIONAIR has expanded to better serve the Indiana consultant’s air testing needs.

ENVISIONAIR has increased inventory of flow controllers for soil gas and sub-slab sampling.  We now have the following capabilities for time integrated sampling conducted on soil gas and sub-slab sampling points:  grab samples, 20 minute, 1 hour, 8 hour and 24 hour samplers. 

ENVISIONAIR provides all of the associated tubing and fittings as well as a 7 micron filter that protects our canisters from particulate and water. Our samplers are equipped with a vacuum gauge so the canisters pressure can be constantly monitored.  Each sampler comes cleaned and certified per ENVISIONAIR’s strict Clean, Screen and Isolated (CSI) program.  Only certified analysts clean and certify all components associated with our air analysis. Thus far ENVISIONAIR has been able to satisfy every can order request.

More than that, with every batch, ENVISIONAIR analyzes a secondary standard that is prepared from an independent laboratory. We add this additional layer of quality control that ensures the results are accurate each and every time.  ENVISIONAIR also employs a confirmation approach to each and every canister received.  We analyze EVERY canister a minimum of 2 times (volume permitting).  This additional analysis is in place to identify the potential misinjections, and instrument variability and confirms that the gas analysis of all canisters is done correctly. 

As ENVISIONAIR continues to grow, quality remains our top focus.  We deliver the level IV package upon receipt of the project enables us to complete all projects within days of a sample receipt.

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