Air Analysis

John S.Finally, we have quality, hassle-free air analysis right here in the Midwest.
  • Air Analysis

    We specialize in TO15 analysis for volatile organic compounds in sub-slab, indoor air and soil gas environments. Read More

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    We use brand new, state of the art science equipment. Read More

  • CSI: Cleaned, Screened and Isolated

    Learn about our exclusive CSI process for maintaining the highest canister quality. Read More


EnvisionAir has incorporated an extensive process to ensure each and every canister is individually cleaned and certified. We don’t send out canisters that have been batch cleaned and you don’t pay extra for our quality cleaning. Each canister is cleaned, screened and isolated; a process we coined as CSI. The CSI process is performed by only trained personnel that have received their certificate from EnvisionAir’s Air Academy Training.

  • Cleaned: Each canister is cleaned, pressurized and evacuated.
  • Screened: Each canister is analyzed and a report is generated and attached to the canister.
  • Isolated: Each canister remains pressurized. Note that each canisters can be evacuated to -30in Hg upon request.